Zrix has an important background in the making of both booking web solutions and versatile applications to help you manage your event. With the growing importance of the internet, event arrangements and ticketing have undergone changes with"virtual" ticketing” becoming the new trend.


Our team of expert designers and software locomotive engineers are achieving excellent results in creating modified event governing programming systems. We offer ideal IT solutions for both event and ticketing activities.



We offer you the possibility of creating a personal brand for your organization by developing an effective ticketing online portal connected to social media networking.

Secure payments via online channels

We ensure a secure payment process manageable by online bookings and payments. Multiple online payment systems can be introduced in the system.

Cost-effective Solution

Providing Cost-effective solutions that can increase your profits without the need of further investments.

Great UI/UX experience

We are able to provide a newly designed and recently developed event ticketing system characterized by an effective and user-friendly interface.

Data management

Our easy-to-use dashboard will help you handle and manage application data and a simple and streamlined setup will help you enhance sales.

Security of Payments

Data security has become a priority. We can provide clients with secure and cost-effective payment options aimed at obtaining customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Events and ticketing management services

  • Customized events and ticketing solutions 
  • Straightforward and easy access.
  • Our simplified apps allow clients to showcase, promote and sell tickets by using numerous channels.
  • Real-time information in order processing allows clients to offer users a rich and user-friendly experience.
  • Our efficient ticketing solutions will increase the profitability of your business.


Over 10 years of experience in web & mobile app development
Results within the time-frame
Developers are experts in developing both simple and complex IT solutions
Competency in operating systems’ web solutions & mobile apps
24x7 customer assistance and support
100% transparency

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